September, 2019

Bohui Near to Opening Group II Plant

NANJING, China – Bohui Chemical, a fuel supplier based in China’s Zhejiang province, will start to produce API Group II base oil in November, a company official said Sept. 19 during an industry  [...]

August, 2019

South Korea's base oil exports fell in June on the back of a slide in shipments to China, India and the US.

Exports of 345,000t in June fell from 403,380t the previous month, according to trade promotion organisation Kita.The volume was 17pc lower than the same month a year earlier and  [...]

June, 2019

Base Oil Capacity Up in China, Asia

The Asia-Pacific region now accounts for nearly half of global mineral base oil capacity after a surge in supply from China over the past year, according to the “2019 Global Guide to Base Oil Refining, [...]

June, 2019

Grease Output Up in Asia, Down in China

Lubricating grease production in China appears to have continued its decline in 2018, according to the National Lubricating Grease Institute’s yearly survey, which was released this  [...]

January, 2019

BASF Adds Antioxidant Supply in China

Feiya Chemical Co. has opened a factory in China’s Jiangsu province to produce lubricant antioxidants on behalf of BASF. The plant was built under a technology licensing and manufacturing  [...]

January, 2019

Flat China Automobile Sales Expected in 2019

China’s automaker association forecasted flat vehicle sales for 2019, which a lube sales official suggested would only impact lube suppliers that focus solely on motor oils. The China Association [...]

January, 2019

China Policies Promote Electric Vehicles

China is set to implement several policies that aim to promote electric vehicles by encouraging sales and protecting previous investments in the manufacture of EVs.The rules, which [...]

December, 2018

Trade War Disrupted Quiet 2018

The trade war between the United States and China was one of the major events of 2018 – a year that otherwise was relatively quiet for the lubricants industry in the Americas. The industry  [...]

November, 2018

China's Naphthenic Supply Grows

SINGAPORE – China is projected to be the second-largest producer of naphthenic oils this year with 35 percent of global naphthenic oil production, and market growth is expected to continue [...]

November, 2018

China Remains Large Base Oil Importer

China is one of the world’s largest importers of base oils, and that looks unlikely to change as its finished lubricant market continues to grow. By 2021, base oil consumption in the country is forecast  [...]

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