May, 2019

Middle East May Shift to Better Lubes Faster

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – More than 26 million new light vehicles will enter the Middle East vehicle parc between now and 2023, and that could speed the shift to higher quality lubricants  [...]

October, 2018

Vietnam Hikes Environmental Tax on Lubes

Vietnam will double its environmental tax for lubricants beginning Jan. 1, according to a resolution passed by the country’s National Assembly Standing Committee last month. The  environmental [...]

October, 2018

Semi-Synthetic Prices Rise at Quick Lubes

The average price for an oil change using five quarts of semi-synthetic oil rose 11.4 percent this year to just under $48, while the cost for one with full synthetic oil dipped to just over $74, according  [...]

October, 2018

VGP Impacted Global Marine Lubes Market

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Vessel General Permit created a global standard that has drastically affected the marine lubes industry by requiring environmentally acceptable [...]

August, 2018

Rosneft Lubes Sales Grew in 2017

Rosneft’s sales of what it calls premium lubricants rose by 17 percent to 70,000 metric tons in 2017 thanks to stepped-up marketing in the corporate and retail segments, the company said in [...]

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