Lanxess Boosts Additive Production

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Specialty chemicals company Lanxess is doubling its production of multifunctional lubricant additive dimercaptothiadiazole derivatives by adding an additional production line to its Mannheim, Germany, facility, the company announced last week.

This investment is in the single-digit million euros, however Lanxess declined to provide specific financial details.

The production line is responsible for the production of DMTD derivatives, a multifunctional additive used in industrial oils, greases, and metalworking fluids.

DMTD derivatives “are initially used as corrosion protection for lubricants in contact with steel alloys containing so-called nonferrous metals such as copper, nickel or cobalt. They prevent the leaching of nonferrous metal ions from the alloy, protect the metal surface from aggressive chemicals, and thus guarantee the integrity of longevity of steel alloys,” the company stated in its press release. The chemicals also protect against extreme pressure contacts, Lanxess said.

Lanxess said the expansion helps meet demand for DMTD derivatives sold by themselves and for lubricant additive packages. In addition to anti-corrosion and extreme pressure additives, the company offers anti-wear, anti-oxidant and detergent lubricant additives, along with synthetic base stocks and additive packages.

“With this investment, we have responded to the increased customer demand for these specialties. The new plant will enable us to meet their requirements,” said Martin Sawe, head of Lanxess’ lubricant additives business line.

Lanxess was unable to provide further comment by deadline.