December, 2019

IMO 2020 Brings Increased Base Oil Freight Costs

Compliance with the looming IMO 2020 will impact the cost of freight for African lubricant blenders, and some were advised to place orders for base oils before the International Maritime  [...]

November, 2019

Base Oils from Plastic

People have made lubricating base stocks from whale blubber, crude oil, plant oils, used lubricants and sugar. Now a team of U.S. researchers says it has produced them from recycled plastic  [...]

August, 2019

South Korea's base oil exports fell in June on the back of a slide in shipments to China, India and the US.

Exports of 345,000t in June fell from 403,380t the previous month, according to trade promotion organisation Kita.The volume was 17pc lower than the same month a year earlier and  [...]

July, 2019

New Spec Impacts Base Oil Quality Demands

SINGAPORE – Japan’s introduction of an ultra-low viscosity passenger car motor oil specification, GLV-1, in October will drive demand for base oils with a higher viscosity index, according  [...]

June, 2019

Chevron to produce Group II+, Group III base oils

Chevron will upgrade the quality of its Group II light- and mid-viscosity base oils to Group II+ at its Richmond, California and Pascagoula, Mississippi, refineries. Chevron will also start producing  [...]

June, 2019

Base Oil Capacity Up in China, Asia

The Asia-Pacific region now accounts for nearly half of global mineral base oil capacity after a surge in supply from China over the past year, according to the “2019 Global Guide to Base Oil Refining, [...]

April, 2019

Turkey’s Market Weathers Tariffs

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Base oil imports to Turkey dropped sharply in recent years due to a government clampdown on previously widespread dodging of fuels taxes. The nation’s base [...]

March, 2019

S-Oil to market Aramco base oils in Europe, Asia-Pacific

London, 25 February (Argus) — South Korean refiner S-Oil, in which Aramco holds 63.4pc, will have exclusive marketing rights for the Group I aramcoDura, Group II aramcoPrima and Group III  [...]

February, 2019

Hill Corp. Opened Base Oil Rerefinery

Hill Corp. recently finished building a used oil rerefinery and a small grease unit at its lubricant blending plant in Shymkent, in southern Kazakhstan. The company says these are the initial steps [...]

January, 2019

Singapore producer cuts base oil prices

Singapore, 8 January (Argus) — A Singapore-based base oils producer has cut its ex-tank Singapore prices for most of its Group I and Group II grades. The price cut is its third since the start [...]

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