New Oil Ageing Rig Still a Year Away

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AMSTERDAM – Bosch Rexroth is set to take delivery of the first prototype of its oil ageing test rig, a machine developed to obtain more precise values for the effects of lubricants ageing in the field. The prototype will be delivered “in the coming weeks,” an official with the German equipment manufacturer recently told a conference here.

The test rig, which contains a 13-liter test tank, will be made available to clients “by the end of 2020,” Product Manager Martin Whal told the ICIS & ELGI Industrial Lubricants Conference on June 18.

Among other applications, the rig can be used to test for the oxidation stability requirement of Japan Construction Mechanization Association Specification P045. It has a maximum speed of 3,000 revolutions per minute and a maximum pressure of 350 bar. It can test for presence of varnish detection, polymer shearing, yellow metal compatibility, seal compatibility and oil properties.

“The oil ageing test rig has a complete hydraulic circuit. We pump the fluid through the circuit, to the tank and over a pressure relief valve. We can stress the fluid, increase air, increase water, teste elastomers and much more,” Whal said.

Together with Bosch Rexroth’s other testing rig, the Rexroth fluid test for axial pistons in closed loop applications, the oil-ageing test rig will be integrated for rating of hydraulic fluids in the future.

“So far, the turbine oil oxidation stability test is applied, but this will be replacing it,” he concluded. The so-called TOST, formally referred to as ASTM D-943, is used to evaluate the oxidation stability of industrial lubricants.