About us


Patrioun is a market leader in distribution of high value lubricant additives and specialty chemicals. From the beginning, our company has been rooted in delivering quality additives to customers and providing them with sound and cost-effective options to solve problems.

We have grown as a result of that simple premise, and we have never abandoned our roots providing you with high quality additives at the best possible prices. This philosophy combined with our expertise in the field of lubricant additives can deliver success for you, today and in the future. By working together with this goal in mind, we believe we can continue to grow together with our customers.

The Patrioun philosophy is to supply high quality products, exceptional customer support, and innovative problem solving. Our products portfolio increases the value of the chemical products in numerous industrial and consumer applications. We strive to provide not only friendly customer service that focuses on timely responses, but also technical support for the chemical products.

The Patrioun staff is knowledgeable about the chemical supply and is eager to share that knowledge in helping customers. Patrioun is constantly seeking innovative solutions expanding on chemical formulas and providing uniquely blended solutions for applications.

Our Values

At Patrioun, we have built our foundation on our values. These values are Trust, Reliability, Protecting People and the environment, Collaboration, and High performance.


Patrioun wants to be a responsible company that meets the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We will always conduct business with integrity and respect to people, protecting the environment, supporting our customers and suppliers, creating stuffs and products that meet client expectations, and systematic management of safety, health, environment, reliability and efficiency to achieve world-class performance.



Competitive pricing and value for money are more important than ever in today’s current economic climate. We are continually reviewing our costs and supply chain to ensure we provide cost effective solutions for our customers.

Fast Delivery

We have selected a limited number of reliable and quality driven partners to ensure your product is delivered under the right conditions, at the right time and to the right place.

Technical Support

At Patrioun, we believe that supply chain efficiency and continuous service improvements are tangible and provide valuable benefits to our customers. In developing this Supply Services document it is our intention to continually improve the quality of service to all our customers.


At Patrioun, we promote a holistic Diversity & Inclusion approach . The diversity of our employees, their backgrounds, experiences, talents, knowledge, creativity and the appreciation of all their individual differences are the foundation for our competitive advantage.