Calumet Acquires Biosynthetic Technologies

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Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. last Tuesday announced that it completed the acquisition of Biosynthetic Technologies, LLC. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Biosynthetic Technologies is a startup company and developer of proprietary renewable technology focused on the conversion of sustainable plant oils into high-performance synthetic base stocks. According to the company, these unique estolides exhibit exceptional qualities for high performance lubricants, while also meeting stringent environmental specifications for biodegradability, bioaccumulation and toxicity.

Calumet plans to develop and commercialize these renewable esters at its existing esters manufacturing facility in Missouri.

The acquisition of Biosynthetic Technologies was completed in partnership with The Heritage Group, a technology partner whose business model offers synergies with Calumet that will maximize the value of the acquired technology portfolio.

"The acquisition of Biosynthetic Technologies and its technological capabilities align very well with the Partnership's specialty products-focused growth strategy, and our vision to be the premiere specialty petroleum products company in the world," said Tim Go, Chief Executive Officer of Calumet. "This acquisition, alongside the recently announced opening of our new Research and Development facility in Indianapolis, are indicative of Calumet's commitment to innovation. The technology and expertise we have acquired will help extend our existing esters business into new, forward-thinking product formulations with exceptional qualities for which the Calumet name represents."

Biosynthetic Technologies manufactures a revolutionary new class of biobased synthetic molecules, holding exclusive rights to patented technology that converts fatty acids found in plant and animal oils into high-performance synthetic oils that can be used in industrial lubricant, personal care and other chemical sectors. These highly-functional “biosynthetic” oils have numerous uses in the lubricant, chemical, and cosmetics industries, often outperforming their petroleum counterparts in similar applications. In addition to their high-performance properties, these renewable oils are biodegradable and nontoxic.

Biosynthetic Technologies’ primary product line, sold under the name of Biosynthetic Base Oil, is comprised of biobased oils that are synthesized specifically for high performance lubricant applications in the automotive and industrial sectors. Currently available in a low and a high viscosity, these biosynthetic oils can be blended into a variety of viscosities to meet most lubricant applications. In addition, because Biosynthetic Base Oils are compatible with common lubricant base oils and additives, they serve as an easy drop-in for most existing formulations available in the market. Therefore, these biosynthetic oils can be used as the primary base oil of a lubricant formulation, a component of a base oil co-blend, or even as an additive.

Biosynthetic™ Base Oils are used in passenger car motor oils (PCMO) and numerous other commercial and industrial lubricant products. After extensive testing, several of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive and industrial lubricants are now formulating and certifying finished products containing these biosynthetic oils.

Calumet is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and operates eleven manufacturing facilities located in northwest Louisiana, northern Montana, western Pennsylvania, Texas, New Jersey and eastern Missouri.