Chevron Oronite Celebrates 100 Years

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Chevron Oronite celebrated 100 years of the Oronite brand and the completion of a major capital project in Jurong Island, Singapore yesterday, which was attended by Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry (Trade) Lim Hng Kiang, as well as customers, suppliers, contractors and representatives from other organizations.

“Today, Oronite marks the continuation of our century-long tradition of being at the forefront of the marketplace by responding to our customers’ future needs,” said Des King, president, Chevron Oronite. “With the help of hundreds of employees and contractors, combined with the effective collaboration and outstanding support from Singapore authorities, we continue to enhance our ability to deliver innovative products and reliably supply customers around the world.”

The project, in development for more than four years, adds carboxylate production capabilities to Oronite’s Singapore plant and doubles Oronite’s worldwide production capacity of the component. Carboxylate is an effective, sulfur-free detergent often used in Oronite formulations that provide differentiated additive solutions for customers’ finished lubricants, used primarily in marine and automotive engine lubricants. The completion of the project is a significant milestone in an ongoing series of plant expansions and additions to further strengthen and diversify Oronite’s global supply network.

“We are especially proud that this project was completed safely, with zero injuries, since it had additional complexity and challenges due to major construction taking place in the middle of an operating plant,” said Koon Eng Goh, general manager, Manufacturing & Supply, Asia-Pacific Region, Chevron Oronite.

One innovative approach used by the company to help reduce some of the project’s unique challenges was to pre-fabricate the main process structures off-site and transport them through barges and mobile transporters for installation in their final positions in the plant.

The event also served as an opportunity to recognize the 100th anniversary of the Oronite brand in the Asia-Pacific region, as the company has hosted similar events in the United States, China, France and other locations over the last year.

“It’s been a special year for us as we recognize a century of outstanding achievements for the Oronite brand from its beginnings in 1917 as part of the Standard Oil Company (California),” said Yu Lee Toh, general manager, Sales and Marketing, Asia-Pacific Region, Chevron Oronite. “During the course of its history, Oronite has been an industry leader with numerous ‘firsts’ in introducing innovative products to the fuel and lubricant additive industry.”

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the brand, Oronite also announced a donation to AWWA, a Singapore charity providing social services to more than 6,000 clients. Oronite’s contribution will be put towards a gym and gym equipment that will be used in an Adult Disability Home that is being developed by AWWA to help cater to persons with physical/multiple disabilities.